qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Video Clearout

I have a number of videos that haven't sold on Amazon, or aren't economically viable to do so (i.e. cost to sell exceeds money received). Mostly they are things I have upgraded to DVD editions.

So, the following are available should anyone be interested. All VHS/PAL format and in excellent condition. If you're in the Reading, UK, area and we can arrange pick-up or drop-off, they're free; further afield I am asking only P+P costs (probably about £1.50 for single videos, or nearer £2.50 for double). You can pay by buying some further paid time for my LJ account; I believe I have a PayPal account but I've never received money into it, so I'd have to examine that option further; or I can take good old-fashioned UK cheques if you can bear the delay.

First come, first served; leave a comment if you're interested, and we'll take it from there. I'm screening all comments on this post (with the intent of keeping them private so that no personal information leaks out); I'll cross off items as and when there is any interest, but there might be a delay in responding as I generally only check LJ in the evenings.

  • Dilbert Vol. 1 - Episodes The Name, The Prototype, and The Competition

  • Dilbert Vol. 2 - Episodes The Testing and Elbonian Trip

  • Yes Minister - Open Government - Episodes Open Government, The Official Visit, The Economy Drive, and Big Brother

  • Yes Minister - The Writing on the Wall - Episodes The Writing on the Wall, The Right to Know, and Jobs for the Boys

  • House of Cards - double video of the first part of Michael Dobbs' Francis Urquhart trilogy

  • The Empire Strikes Back

  • Evita - never were the words "unwanted gift" more appropriate

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