qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The (very) late Tatiana Nikolayeva

Amazon have just delivered my birthday present from my parents - seven months late.

It's a CD set of Tatiana Nikolayeva playing Bach's complete Well-Tempered Clavier, and it beats the Daniel Barenboim (Book I) recording I bought at Christmas hands down. Where Barenboim plays in pastel shades, Nikolayeva is robustly colourful and assertive. I imagine this is not to everyone's taste, but Bach didn't give any timing or dynamic instruction, so the interpretation is completely up to the performer. Neither recording is 'authentic' in that they're on modern pianos, but the music itself is not written for a specific instrument and can be played on any well-tempered (i.e. tuned) keyboard, such as harpsichord or organ.

To be fair, it was one of those cases where "normally dispatched in 1 - 2 weeks" turns into "this item is unavailable" the moment you click on the Order button. In part I'm appalled by the lack of accurate information from Amazon, but I'm impressed that somewhere they have a system that has been trying to source the item - and ultimately with success - for this length of time.
Tags: music
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