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We think Davros Ancram is doing rather well

The last time I saw a Dalek was in 2001; it was dressed rather like Ann Widdecombe and shrieked 'Con-ser-va-tive' as it rampaged through a corner of Kent. Oh no, wait a minute, that was Ann Widdecombe. Never mind.

Well, it was a good story but I'm not sure that it wasn't trying to be too clever for its own good, given its presumed audience. And it was very cramped into 45 minutes. Eccleston was very objective and goal-driven, rather than bumbling into a solution. To be honest I'd rather have had a fleet of them bent on destruction somewhere, only to be outflanked by a rather unlikely sub-plot, just like the old days. Still, I suppose there's still scope for that to happen: though the Doctor insisted that the Daleks were destroyed in the Time War, there seems to be plenty he's wrong about.

And I notice we're still stuck on Earth, even next week.
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