qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

I was unable to avoid this evening's Labour Party Political Broadcast. I noted the soundtrack was from Philip Glass' Powaqqatsi. From the CD cover:

po-waq-qa-tsi (from the Hopi language), n., an entity, a way of life, that consumes the life forces of other beings in order to further its own life.

Hmm. Seems strangely appropriate somehow. Don't worry, Tony, I'm not going to allow the Tories in through the back door, though that's exactly what you would do by voting Labour round here.

And if anyone is proposing intentionally to spoil their ballot paper, might I suggest they add Harriet Jones, Flydale North to it? At least that way you might put a smile on the people counting the votes through the night on Thursday.
Tags: music, politics, who
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