qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Impossible to catalogue

kharin and I went to see the film A Very Long Engagement last night. By the same director as Amelie, it shares not only the lead actress, but also some quirks; the opening is particularly brutal (five soldiers convicted of self-mutilation in 1917 and forced into No-Man's-Land as cannon fodder) yet much of the film is genteel and romantic, making it very cross-genre in a way that is far more like a novel than a typical film. In consequence it was difficult to settle in to, yet I would still say it's a fairly good film. Interestingly, like Amelie it has a narration, which perhaps ferments the feeling that it is a book. Though my knowledge of film is hardly encyclopædic, this narrative style seems far more common in foreign films than English-language ones.

And it was all timed very well, I got the Sunderland South result in the car on the way home.
Tags: film
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