qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

It's remarkable that, for all the unevenness of our electoral system, so many commentators have expressed the view (with which I concur) that we have got the Government that we, as a nation, wanted. The aggregation of votes at constituency level generally serves to disenfranchise those not voting for either of the top two candidates (though there are some three-way marginals); yet when aggregated over the nation, although it's not proportional, it probably is in line with the general mood of the country.

I particularly liked Anthony King's observation on an early result that the Lab-Con swing was a "quirk of arithmetic", which was true: the number of Conservative votes in the constituency was fairly static.

Ironically, I suspect it may be best for Labour if Blair goes later rather than sooner; if he hands over to Gordon Brown too soon, any honeymoon period will expire long before the next election. I see Howard has indicated he's throwing in the towel, too: relatively speaking I'm a Theresa May fan (more than likely because of her "nasty party" speech, which may not be the best of reasons); my stomach turns at the thought of David Davies.

It's disappointing round here that the Lib Dems lost Newbury and Guildford, and Labour lost Reading East, to the Conservatives; Martin Salter in Reading West is now surrounded in a big blue ocean. My vote in Wokingham feels unusually pyrrhic with a Lib Dem change of "0.0%", according to the BBC. I'm disappointed that George Galloway got in, though I do think there is a role for non-"party" candidates: I can't respect (yes, I know it's a bad pun) him personally for showering Saddam Hussein with all those platitudes years ago. I see that Northern Ireland continues its polarisation, with David Trimble falling. But on the plus side, it was good to see Kilroy get a good beating; and my parents did their duty in "decapitating" Tim Collins in Westmorland and Lonsdale.
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