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How True

"And what do we do with non-entities? We promote them!"

The LJ reviews I've seen of The Long Game seem neutral to negative; so I'm going to buck the trend and say I rather liked it. Once again, it was rather condensed and it was easy to miss things, but it did set off many resonances (in particular The Sun Makers and The Green Death) to classic Who. Also (for verlaine) perhaps it will rebalance some of the issues he raised about The Unquiet Dead, in some of its quick-fire satirical dialogue. Not sure about the trailer for next week; I suppose it has the potential to be a bit Barbara and The Aztecs but once again, we remain stuck on Earth. This is going to need some explaining - did the TARDIS get damaged in the Time War, or is RTD just so enamoured of the Pertwee era that he can't imagine going anywhere else?
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