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Random Acts of Management

What a week it's been. Last week it was decided that it would be a good thing to set Objectives As our management is home-grown, and doesn't actually know anything about management, and doesn't think to ask the HR-person about these things, objectives have been distilled on a weekly basis. Random Acts of Micro-Management, more like. Of course, as management takes a different direction pretty much on a weekly basis, there is arguably no point in setting objectives on a quarterly basis, which is what I am more used to elsewhere. The other thing about objectives is that they are supposed to be more about Career and Personal Development than simply doing your job. Guess what my objectives are about? Yes, nothing in them is anything other than what, broadly, I would be expecting to do anyway. Easy to meet, you might think. Well, left to it, you would be right, but ... By 4.30pm on Monday these were beginning to go out of the window. By Tuesday afternoon it looked like things were salvageable Hint to Java programmers:Never write your own sort code. Please, please, please, use the Collections API in the JDK. That's what it's for. It's faster than writing your own. By about 66000%. Just make your own objects implement the Comparable interface. Have I made myself clear? And do you want to guess what my predecessors had done? That's right. By Wednesday morning there was another fire to fight. Thursday was a wash-out though I did spend a lot of time in a car on the North Circular with my manager and probed about just how bad things were in the company. The Company be praised. etc. etc. When is the economy going to stop going South?. And Friday was Halloween, a festival for which I have long held a deep dislike as it legitimises the actions of child thugs who should, by and large, have been barbecued at birth.

The only good news of the week was the replacement of IDS by someone even less electable (and it seems in that, at least, there are a fair number of LJ-users of my generation with similar views). They would have stood a better chance with Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf ("I tell you, Tony Blair, we will slaughter you all! We will burn your villages and make slaves of your children!" etc). Mind you, that's not to say that "New" Labour isn't looking rather close to its sell-by date..

Now it's November, and already the Today programme is ranting about Christmas muzak in the shops; in Reading (at the Winnersh Triangle, to be precise) we are about to be subjected to the World's Largest Inflatable Santa Claus, if last year is anything to go by; and the traffic and parking is getting worse.

The trouble with Location, Location, Location is that they only ever consider properties on Earth.
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