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Nuts This Film May Contain

Like it I did not.

There were an alarming number of super-sized people in the audience. Curiously most of them also seemed to have super-sized popcorn. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. The additional nag screen about the 12A certificate and the slide warning about strobe lighting effects seemed a tad unnecessary. (Gosh, light sabres, strobe lighting, who would have thought it?).

As for the film itself, I found it unsatisfying. No, I didn't expect great dialogue from George Lucas, but the acting seemed especially wooden. The low-level plot didn't seem all that plausible either. This was a film that demonstrates par excellence the temptation to use special effects to move the story along in the absence of anything better.

That's not to say that there was nothing good about the film; perhaps the best bits were the fights between Mace Windu and Palpatine, and Yoda and Palpatine (did I mention the special effects?), and the space ships look like appropriate, simpler, progenitors for the Imperial ships in Episode IV onwards. Oh, and the fact that Jar Jar Binks was seen but not heard. But it seemed that a lot of potential was wasted - for example, getting rid of Count Dooku so early on, or introducing the Wookies without any depth or development. And a lot of the material felt it was stolen from the Lord of the Rings - both the choral music (completely out of character with the rest of the saga) and the volcano planet. Obi-Wan, so reluctant to kill Anakin, leaves him for a lingering and painful death somewhat chargrilled? Wouldn't the humane thing to do in that circumstance be to finish him off? And as for continuity, Obi-Wan knows there are twins, but roll forward to Episode V, and he says "That boy is our only hope", to which Yoda replies, "There is another". One assumes Palpatine hired Jarvis or Balfour Beatty to build the Death Star, as it must take them about 20 years to complete it, giving Luke time to grow up. (Yet they build the second one much more quickly, learning from all their past mistakes - apart from about its vulnerabilities).

Perhaps these problems stem from Lucas attempting to make a darker film out of what has been essentially a children's fairy tale about good and evil. Yes, its 12A certificate is deserved, as the dream sequences and Anakin's suffering are disturbing, but the visuals aside, the rest of the film does not have the depth for that level. Nevertheless, Mr Lucas now has my money and, whilst I doubt his pension fund is short of a shilling, he's still left plot-ends dangling, though he'll have to adopt the Dewey decimal system if he wants to make any further episodes in the saga.
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