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The Good Old Days ...

Last week's trailer looked so bad until ... the Daleks rolled in. So rather than wonder where we are going, this week it was more a question of finding out how we would get there. Not being a big fan of (un)reality TV, I was a bit apprehensive about this bit of plot, but as an afficionado of satire I have to admit RTD carried it off quite well - of course Captain Jack would have to get the makeover show (and where did he get that gun from?), and Ann Droid ... ha ha (ouch)! Clever stuff with getting rid of Rose; of course, we knew she couldn't possibly have been killed off, but ... <anorak>she's missing a few grams of dust now, by my reckoning</anorak>.

I liked the Doctor's "no means no" speech at the end of the episode. It wasn't necessary, but it was great to listen to - because that is exactly what Doctor Who is all about. He will rescue Rose, he will save the Earth, he will rid the Universe of every last stinking Dalek (hmm, good icon caption?) ... oh no, hang on a minute, that last one will never work. But whose voice was that at the end? My first guess was the Master, though somehow with a decided Dalek inflection. So that would make Davros a more likely candidate (I'm not too keen on that: Davros was a great idea in Genesis and Destiny, but then they decided he had to be in every Dalek episode thereafter, and it went downhill). I must have missed something if the number of posts speculating that it's Adam are to be believed.

So next week, we know where we are going, it's more a question of finding out how we'll get there ...

And how long before withdrawal symptoms will set in after next week?
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