qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Quiet, isn't it?

Saturday evening, no Doctor Who, nothing good on television, dull, dreary and humid weather. So it has been kharin's Blake's 7 DVD sets to the rescue, with Bounty. I hadn't previously thought about how much the series owes to cult TV from the 1960s like The Prisoner - or perhaps this was just T P McKenna's performance as Lionel Twain from Murder By Death ex-President Sarkoff, poddling along in the 29th century in a vehicle that looked suspiciously like a re-sprayed Bessie.

Earlier today I popped in to Reading and discovered that there were lots of people milling around the shops but not buying anything. At least, I deduce this on the basis that the traffic was heavy but everywhere seemed to have a sale on. Even when I went into HMV I couldn't find anything I wanted that would cost more than a tenner - but in the end I came away with some Bach single/double violin concertos (at £3.99) and Michael Nyman string quartets (£4.99). Maybe the high street really is suffering.
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