qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

An Open and Shut Case?

Well, the combined might of the US military and the British press certainly got the silly season off to a start this morning with their ban on personnel travelling into London. An initially reasonable instruction (as everyone was advised to avoid non-essential travel into London on Friday) that wasn't managed proactively through to conclusion, I suspect.

This evening, the news I've heard is that at least 2 of those planting the bombs have probably died as a result; police have made at least one arrest in Leeds and there's been further action in the station car park at Luton. In some of last night's deliberations with uitlander, we discussed what we objectively considered to be a fairly amateur attack. The latest news doesn't really diminish that feeling: the police are still reluctant to describe the bombers as suicide bombers, which leaves one to draw the conclusion that they were some combination of stupid and careless (as if "stupid" and "careless" were not adjectives that could in any case be applied to people who would take this kind of action).

In a not-particularly-pleasant way, this relative incompetence should be reassuring, even though the attacks were intrinsically effective in causing death and destruction. So it's a bit surprising that Sir Ian Blair feels the need to talk of the "certainty" of future attacks - my own reaction to that is that it is unnecessarily alarmist, even if it probably has some truth to it.

UPDATE: Well, Channel 4 News is saying that it's all but official that they were suicide bombers, and that the bomb "factory" may have been discovered in Leeds.
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