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The trouble with rolling news is that, well, news doesn't roll at a constant rate. When lunchtime's news came through our CEO switched to his GigE-streamed Sky News (either he thinks the BBC is a subversive left-wing organisation or else he prefers tabloid news).

Reports came in. Tube bombs. Bus bombs. Blown out windows. Nail bombs. Shooting in Whitehall. Alien abductions. Detonators only. No explosives. No structural damage to bus. Armed police laying siege to UCH. Moon landing was fake, says Elvis. Oh actually, maybe there were explosives, but they didn't go off.

Sometimes, I think no news is better. I'm not saying anyone sets out consciously to lie or mislead, but in the confusion it's easy to get no idea at all of what's going on. Sounds like today's bomb plot was foiled mainly by the bombers themselves, which is as reassuring as it is disturbing.

Sir Ian Blair ought to be feeling slightly smug - after all, he indicated the likelihood of further attacks. Now this one has failed, though, I can't believe it will be difficult to identify those responsible through forensic evidence, so if there is any more action afoot, I suspect it will happen sooner rather than later.
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