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During the thunderstorm on Thursday afternoon, momentarily I thought of those putting up tents at the Reading Festival site. It was, as Scott Adams likes to say, a little ray of bitter sunshine.

Popped into town this afternoon. The great unwashed were milling around, but not too bad considering. I passed some of Reading's hidden attractions - Forbury Gardens, which contains an outsize statue of a lion on a war memorial for the Afghan campaigns of the 19th century, and the Crown Court, which has a very nice adjunct archway (presumably constructed from flint stones reclaimed from Reading Abbey) - and some of its less delightful 1960s architecture, the back of the Broad Street Mall on Düsseldorf Way, which could obtain an honorary place in uitlander's architectural wonders of North-East England.

I trekked to Malinka, to obtain some Polish sausage (the precise selection I got I can neither spell nor pronounce) for tomorrow's Boar Bigos, and managed not to take up Waterstone's current 3 for 2 offer - though on returning home, a number of additions were made to my Amazon wish list - it's like shopping, only without spending the money or having to find room for the stuff.
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