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Yesterday kharin tried out a recipe from the Imperial Cookbook he obtained at Schönbrunn: Chicken steeped in tokaji. It was excellent, and so we're hoping for similarly good results from some of the other recipes in the book.

As uitlander has already noted, this morning we went to Newbury Farmers' Market. Her desire for some well hung beef was at last satisfied, while I revisited the Bucklebury Farm stall and bought boar sausages and a boar joint for later use (I have in mind Wild Boar - Laxenberger Style, from the aforementioned book). I also obtained a couple of Polish sausages, and some beef to try out Tafelspitz, which I had at Beim Czaak in Vienna. Franz Joseph must have been an odd chap: for an emperor his taste for food, though pleasant enough, was fairly bland.

kharin noted that he has a film to use up, and that "autumn colours" would be a good use of the remaining shots, but that the leaves are still firmly attached to the trees, despite the fact that it is now October. Similarly, I noted that the apples I picked yesterday were not really ready and needed to be pulled firmly from the tree. I suspect that sometime in the near future we may trek to Kew, Harcourt or maybe Westonbirt. Does anyone have any other suggestions within reach of Reading?
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