qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Edukation, Edukation, Edukation

Reading Film Theatre screened The Edukators last night, and kharin and I went along to see it. It's much more as you would expect for German comedy than Good Bye Lenin!: enjoyable, but rather dry and political. The Edukators are a pair of activist burglars, not stealing from their affluent victims but rearranging their furniture and leaving ominous notes - "your days of plenty are over" or "you have too much money". Of course, this all goes wrong and turns into a kidnapping, which provides a cinematic opportunity for an exchange of philosophies between the victim and burglars.

It's a mixed bag: some of it very predictable, some of it original, some of it leaving unsaid the uncomfortable answers to some of the big questions, when perhaps they would have been more powerful out in the open. Sometimes the camerawork seemed a bit shaky - it's not obvious whether that was by accident or design; perhaps that's just visual osmosis from the lowly circumstances of the characters and their flat.
Tags: film
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