qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The car passed its MOT on Wednesday but thanks to the new certificates being computer-generated, mine had a blooper as it said my Skoda had done half a million miles. After a tiring and emotional day this was not good news - it's not critical but I don't want something wrong stored on a computer when it can affect the value or raise future queries about mileage fraud. So I asked them to correct it, but the MOT centre had closed, so they said they would post it to me. And do you know what? They did, and it arrived by first-class post yesterday. It's the sort of thing you shouldn't feel any need to pass comment on, but in the race-to-the-bottom society where everyone takes the cheapest option, I expected this would slip to the bottom of the pile, so it's nice it didn't.

I have been harvesting apples today. Every other year seems to be a good crop for my tree, and this year certainly is, though a lot of them are relatively small and many have cracked and/or blistered skins - I presume this is from the warm (but not ridiculously warm) dry weather we've had this year.

And finally, a public service announcement: Amazon have enhanced their Wish List functionality so that you can prioritise items. Seems like a good idea - certainly I maintain it as a generic reading list, so things that are particularly desirable can be bumped up in priority.
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