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Despite the weather, when uitlander and I arrived at Newbury Farmers' Market this morning just before 10am, it was already bustling. Perhaps people were pottering rather less, but certainly not shopping any less. I have a whole rabbit with which to experiment, as well as a venison joint, a repeat prescription for lamb and mint burgers and some pork, stilton and celery sausages to try.

Later we headed over to uitlander's parents' house, to attempt a de-cluttering operation. Or rather, a redistribution of clutter, as some of it now resides chez uitlander. A number of Betamax tapes were collected as well as other randomness. Despite repeated offers of food our shields held reasonably well, though an unsolicited slice of toast accompanied the second cup of coffee. This was not entirely an altruistic operation, for on my part I have acquired an apple-picker - too late for this year, but surely useful in the future.
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