qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Channel 4 screened a programme on the patron saints of Britan and Ireland this evening. It was interesting that some people interviewed adopted a realist, historical attitude to fact, legend and myth, whilst others adopted a fundamentalist tone completely devoid of logic (I suppose that's literally what "faith" is about, after all).

And then by inaction I started watching Space Cadets. Admittedly, it probably wasn't uppermost in the participants minds that they might be partaking of a fake, but the bland acceptance of artificial gravity showed that any foreknowledge they had owed more to Star Trek than any news programme. kharin says it makes him think of the historical practice of visiting the asylum; for me it resonates more with mock_the_stupid. These people have been fed no more than mumbo-jumbo and their science education is such a deferred success that they blindly accept it all. I wonder if they are media studies graduates.
Tags: tv
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