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The kitchen planner from John Lewis has visited. His first comment was that the price estimated in the store wasn't realistic - fortunately the figure he suggested was more or less my original budget. He doesn't think moving the oven and hob is a good idea; he thinks I must have a dishwasher; he thinks I should move the washing machine and leave space for an American style fridge-freezer and a table and chairs for dining. He also thinks I need a new ring main for the electrics.

Some of this (the electrics in particular) is reasonable. Some of it (the American fridge-freezer and its plumbing for ice-making) isn't. The problem is, I am a single (well, you know what I mean) man living in a "family" house, and I don't intend to stay here many years. However, the kitchen is in a semi-demolished state so not doing something about it isn't really an option. I have to reach a compromise between my requirements and something that's sufficient not to put family buyers off when the time comes to move on. I knew this, but didn't believe my own ideas were so radical.

I admit surprise that there wasn't a hard-sell on a dishwasher when I went to the store, and I agree that whilst I won't use it much, it is something that people expect in a modern kitchen. As with the rest of the house, it's not an issue of size but of shape, and I have probably been talked out of moving the hob. I'm doubtful about moving the washing machine and doing the sums, his suggestion would leave me with only about half the cupboard space I presently have, and whilst I don't need it all, I think that's going too far.

Thoughts, anyone?
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