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My parents insist they don't watch much TV and that it's all rubbish anyway, so it was a bit surprising how much effort my father went to, continuously programming the video and force-feeding us the entertainment over the holiday. Of course, Miss Marple is always welcome and Joan Hickson's 4.50 from Paddington was much better than Geraldine McEwen's. But I would have survived Christmas without the Two Ronnies, To The Manor Born or Morecambe and Wise (not that any of these are terrible, but the latter in particular is wearing out as it seems to be the same show on the Beeb every year). My mother's hearing doesn't seem to be as good as it was, which doesn't bode well in a practical or genetic way (as that's two parents with iffy hearing). I said that I'd rather watch The Queen than Jamie Oliver, so we watched neither (which suited me fine).

After binge drinking and binge shopping, of course there is binge eating, and my stomach sounded rather like a Slitheen by the time we sat down to watch The Christmas Invasion. Perhaps this was rather too much a re-hash of RTD's previous efforts in terms of plot, but there were some nice touches - I particularly liked the scaffolding on St Stephen's Tower (for continuity); "Yes, we know who you are!"; and that closing "fantastic". Tennant, though he didn't have too much to do in this episode, was better than I had feared. Eccleston's Doctor would doubtless have ranted about "another stupid ape" as Harriet Jones gave the order to fire.

The traffic was quite bad coming back down the M6 today, but at least there wasn't any snow (just a dusting around Birmingham). I'm not particularly looking forward to going to work tomorrow - but hopefully the roads won't be busy, regardless of the weather.
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