qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

My Fellow Amoebans ...

Marketing gave us their re-branding presentation today. They really didn't attempt much justification for the exercise, phrases such as "we've got some money" and "our branding looks very 90s" were about as strong as it got.

So white is the new black; and something called "light blue" is in, although no, marketing couldn't tell us what the RGB values were for this important colour. The fact that there were only images for half the product suite and no though at all to the fact that there was more than changing the splash screen in making the product look less dated hadn't occured to them.

And because our stated ambition is now Global DominationTM, we have to use US English. There was, almost, a riot. I have no problem with Americans using it if they must, though it grates when I have to read its more egregious examples, but I'm darned if I have to split infinitives myself. Fortunately as a developer I'm not expected to have any ability to express myself in written English anyway, so I shall claim a blind side to my skills in writing in the American style. And if we really are targetting Global DominationTM then we should be writing in Chinese.

I have heard that I am now on marketing's radar - presumably so that they can keep a safe distance away, which works for me. I've spent the last five years being told not to do things the best way, or even the right way, and now I'm being told not to write in my own language. And they wonder why my motivation is low and my sarcasm is high.
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