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Today has been unreasonably reasonable

The day began with a good night's sleep. I don't know why my sleep has been so broken of late, I suspect it's a combination of how fed up I am of my job, and my knowledge that things could be worse (cf this or this, for example).

Anticipating the Christmas shopping to bring Reading to an early gridlock, I arrived in town by about 9:20. Found some tolerable Christmas cards; this year's selection does seem generally to be particularly tasteless. Realised that I didn't actually need that much from The Evil Empire so I did my food shopping at Sainsbury's Lite (or whatever it's called) on Broad Street instead of trekking to SavaCentre.

Having applied the PVA coat last night, the moment of truth this morning was to discover whether the paint for the downstairs loo had set all by itself. (For those not in the know, I began painting this room about a year ago, then "got bored and did something else" half-way through). I'm not sure I have enough for a complete second coat, but even at one coat it's an improvement to have this room all the same colour once again.

Spent most of the afternoon pottering in the garden. The apple and magnolia have both been pruned, maybe not enough but it's a start. Do bow-saws get blunt? I am finding that after the initial incision into some material the quality and progress of cutting rapidly deteriorates. Discovered that I have two bags full of very good leaf mould (one 1-year old and the other 2-years, I think) and added one-and-a-bit more bags to start rotting down now.

Now about to make a chilli for dinner (with home-grown chillies ...)
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