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That Was The Week That Was

Well, this has certainly been an eventful week. The kitchen fitter rang on Sunday evening to say he would be late, but then one of his crew turned up at 8am on Monday morning anyway. By Monday evening they had stripped the kitchen bare - something for which I was less than prepared, but thanks to uitlander and kharin I have not gone without sustinence. Some units were fitted on Tuesday and the remainder on Wednesday, which also saw the worktops taking shape. Yesterday and today there has been floor levelling and miscellaneous tidying carpentry. Really all that remains is the tiling and final finishing. I've just let them get on with it and my impression so far has been very positive.

On Tuesday I did something to my back as I got out of the car. This was most painful on Wednesday evening and Thursday, but seems to be getting better now, so hopefully I shall do some mild decorating in the kitchen tomorrow and be more-or-less back to normal by Sunday, when kharin and I are visiting strange_complex and others in Oxford.

On Thursday, more builders turned up. This time they were demolishing the garage of the house over the road. This means that a new house will take shape there over the coming months. None of the neighbours are keen on it - we all raised planning objections - but I am philosophical. Once the house is there, life will return to normal.

Now I feel the need to sink into a bath and unwind.
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