qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Rhubarb, rhubarb, everywhere

Last December I moved the rhubarb, because although it had been quite a good season, having made the herb bed and other alterations, I had decided that it was no longer in the right place in the garden. Unfortunately, when I dug it out, there was very little root, and it has been stubbornly dead since.

This afternoon I went to the garden centre. Timing my visit to leave the house about 3pm was a good idea, because I missed the insane traffic at Three Mile Cross (but noted that several people had parked there and walked to the Madejski Stadium. What is it going to be like next year with Reading in the Premiership?). However, the garden centre car park was rather full, but maybe people had parked there for the football too, as inside it wasn't too bad.

I couldn't decide between Timperley Early and Raspberry Red, and I couldn't remember the variety I previously had, so in the end I decided to get one of each, as it was always a plan to have at least two crowns. This year I have managed to get peat-free compost and grow-bags, which is good, but only standard onion sets - so red ones, and various other seeds, have been ordered from Dobies. I never have enough space for everything I want to grow, but I don't have time to grow it all either. Sometimes I wonder about an allotment, but then I think (a) I don't have enough time, (b) I am not yet middle-aged, and (c) I'm probably too misanthropic to buy in to the "community spirit" anyway.

I also got a Meconopsis, having failed to grow any from seed. Sometimes I wonder how dangerous it is, allowing me out to places like this with my credit card.
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