qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Tasting Notes

On Saturday kharin and I enjoyed a bottle of English Wine. I'd spotted this in Sainsbury's a few weeks before and was intrigued - previously anything labelled "English" has been either considered a joke, or else way above my price-point but this was, I think, £5.99, so I had pretty good expectations without breaking the bank. Labelled as 1 on the dryness scale, I didn't find it all that dry, but it certainly was flavoursome, with strong citrus and fruity aspects. The label isn't that specific about its source, describing it broadly as "Kent, Sussex and Essex", so it may be a bit variable, and it's made "predominantly from Schönburger and Huxelrebe grape varieties" which aren't exactly household names, but I shall keep an eye out for this one.
Tags: wine
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