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I enjoyed The Lost World of Friese-Greene last night, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. Cruickshank's demeanour is perfect for these programmes; it's just like those train adverts from a few years ago with the Penguin falling asleep on the book cover (but without the false premise!). A mixture of jazzy 20s tunes, and English pastoralia from Holst and Vaughn Williams, to accompany the lazy English summer. I didn't find his previous series on Mitchell and Kenyon all that compelling; perhaps the pictures were just too poor quality, perhaps their subject matter was less interesting. Friese-Greene's technique for showing colour, by recording black and white images, then tinting alternating red and green frames and playing at high speed, is interesting; but it seems that, unlike the VHS/Betamax debacle, the superior Technicolor process (where all three primary colours are recorded and combined on each frame) won out in the drive for colour pictures.
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