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I once had a whim and I had to obey it ...

This year's BBC Proms programme has been released. As befits the anniversary of Shostakovich and Mozart, there is quite a lot of those two composers (according to my taste, rather too much Mozart and not enough Shostakovich). I am disappointed that they have managed to omit all of the Horn Concerti - perhaps, as Flanders said, the horn has gorn.

On a more positive note, I see that this year they have had the sense to put Siegfried on at the weekend; there's an intriguing Organ Prom; and the Saturday afternoon Prom Matinee concerts look like a pleasant way of justifying two concerts in a day, when the late night Proms can be awkward for those travelling in from the sticks. I seem to have opened up enough browser tabs in Mozilla that perhaps this year, if I plan things, I will get to the Last Night.
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