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House of Cards

According to Radio 3's news bulletin on Friday, John Prescott "retained his title but lost control of his departments". I find it a novel idea that he ever had control of them. Margaret Beckett is an interesting choice as Foreign Secretary; one would hardly have thought her a hawk over Iran, but The Independent and others report her as one of the great survivors in the Blair government, and a "safe pair of hands". I rather like the image of her giving Condoleeza Rice a guided tour of Britain from her caravan.

This morning I did a spot of gardening as it didn't appear to be raining. Of course this act precipitated ... precipitation, in line with the forecast. Anyhow, this afternoon kharin and I did battle in Ikea, where I needed a couple of shelves to finish off the kitchen. As they charge for credit cards, my plan had been to offer them a cheque, because that would then have been "most convenient" for me (in the way Ikea seems to have a set of ideas that it believes are "most convenient" for its customers). Unfortunately this was thwarted by a new checkout opening as I arrived at the head of the queue, marked "cards only", so I paid by debit card instead. Further momentary woes ensued as I was a little careless checking which exit I was taking, and I ended up on the North Circular Road headed in the wrong direction, so we ended up detouring via Watling Street and back along the M25.

But still in plenty of time for The Girl in the Fireplace. From the trailers, I wasn't sure whether this one would work; I should have known better than to doubt it, coming from the pen of Steve Moffat, the writer of The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. Once again, a very clever plot; perhaps a little Red Dwarf-ish in the realisation of the spaceship; surreal in the appearance of the horse; and a little The Doctor Dances in terms of the reasoning in the automata, and, of course, the Doctor ... dancing. Was Mickey in this episode? Was Rose in this episode? Hardly. This was an episode for the Doctor, and it had a really alien feel despite being set in eighteenth-century France. Is it just me, or is the line "That's beautiful!" the new "Fantastic!"? And next week ... airships!
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