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Hunting and Gathering

At Newbury Farmers' Market this morning, I bought my sausage ration (Lamb and Rosemary, and Wild Boar and Apple, if you want to know), rabbit, beef mince, free-rang eggs, and some rhubarb and ginger jam.

There were also three chaps playing xylophones. I'm not normally one for street music (though I do recall a busker belting out the Toccata and Fugue on an accordion quite spectacularly years ago at a tube station) but this was rather good. So, although it's not local produce, I now also have a CD featuring Mozart, Vivaldi and Handel from the St Petersburg Ансамбль "Ударный клуб" (Percussion Club). As kharin has pointed out, the opening of Spring in particular, with its faux-birdsong, is a bit kitsch, but in a rather pleasant Central European Christmas Market way.
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