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To Lose is to Win, and He who Wins shall Lose

I would rate this episode as fair, rather than brilliant. But then again, I wasn't particularly taken by The Empty Child on first viewing either, so I shall reserve judgement.

In a parallel universe somewhere, Trigger is a barely plausible evil cross between Stephen Hawking and Kevin Warwick, with more than a hint of Davros; Rose is a dog (somehow I saw that one coming); Mickey is "Ricky" (I didn't see that one coming, but thought it was a clever touch); and the Cybermen originated on Earth instead of Mondas. The "Rose" character and family plot lines are wearing thin, though; it's all going a bit Jo Grant in the way one can predict the way the holes are opening up in front of her, but she walks straight into them. (The fundamental weakness in Father's Day, otherwise a good story, was surely that traditionally The Doctor would never have allowed the temporal paradox to happen. At least this time he could see trouble brewing with the Tyler family. Though I'm sure the wealthy Jackie must have lots of gold bling lying around which could come in useful next week.)

I've read some people commenting about continuity - particularly about the Cyber head in the museum in Dalek. But the great excuse is, it's a parallel universe, so there doesn't have to be any continuity.

In many ways this is turning into a season more reminiscent of the old Who, and I think that's a good thing. Some of it is pure fantasy; but some stories are introducing real science fiction concepts (i.e. broken droids/flawed logic in The Girl in the Fireplace, parallel universes/many worlds stuff here, general concepts around death and immortality). In the first Confidential in this season, they said they wanted to make it "even better" than the first season; that was after New Earth, which wasn't bad, but was hardly promising. So far, that has been the weakest episode, so they have been true to their word.
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