qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

One Song to the Tune of Another

Most lunchtimes I try to take a walk around the business park; it's not particularly attractive, but it exercises parts of the body other than the Little Grey Cells, and gets me away from my cow-orkers. If the weather is nice, heading under the railway bridge takes you to the prettier Thames Valley Park and the Thames.

A few days ago I passed a Symphony lorry parked at the far end of the park; this immediately reminded me of (not work-safe) A Bad Day at the Office with Tom Baker.

More generally, over the past couple of weeks there seems to have been an ice cream van stalking around the park. As a child the only tune I ever remember hearing from an ice cream van was Hugo Alfvén's Midsommarvaka Swedish Rhapsody, but in recent years I have noted Glenn Miller, Match of the Day and Whistle While You Work. This particular van, however, is a bit more upmarket, playing as it does the Eton Boating Song. For some reason I recall the Boddingtons ad from a few years ago, and given that we are not a million miles from Henley, I have visions of Boris Johnson rather unsuccessfully enunciating, "D'you want a flake in that, chuck?"
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