qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

A Song for Europe

"Just a li-ttle mu-sic in the night
Makes me wan-na hold my baby tight"

-- Flanders and Swann, to the tune of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Musically I preferred Norway's entry; Finland's entry was different, and in a certain way deserved to win; Ukraine, Turkey, Sweden and Bosnia were reasonable, too.

There was a fair amount of Viva Los Elbonia about the whole thing; when the UK entry came up, my comment was: "Where's Sarah Jane Smith when you need her?", to which kharin responded: "Where's K-9 when you need him?". Ah yes, the shooty-dog-thing would have come in useful there, though it certainly wasn't the worst entry and a lower-middle ranking was probably a fair reflection on it.

As Terry said, the whole thing was amazing.
Tags: tv
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