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Bad Woolf

I liked The Idiot's Lantern, but more for its atmosphere than anything else. Maureen Lipman was superb in Little Shop of Horrors mode, but under-used; Magpie was an appropriately shambolic henchman for this unsophisticated villain. The tower at Alexandra Palace was a nice nod back to Logopolis and the "crab canon" sketch between the Doctor and the Inspector was fun.

But there were a number of things I didn't like: the facelessness was too reminiscent of The Empty Child (perhaps particularly because of the historical period); the father was very two-dimensional; in many ways it was reminiscent of Remembrance of the Daleks, and I just don't like the McCoy era in general. And shouldn't they all have been standing when the National Anthem was played? It was 1953, after all. It was a fair episode, but nowhere near as good as The Unquiet Dead, Gatiss' contribution to the previous season.

A disadvantage of not posting immediately is that many people have already pointed out the reference points for The Impossible Planet: Robots of Death, Frontios, Stargate SG-1, Quatermass, Alien, etc. It may not have been particularly original, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Only The Girl in the Fireplace has seemed so alien - and of course, half of that episode was set on Earth. It was back to classic Who plots, although really the Doctor and Rose should have been accused of causing all the trouble and put in the slammer, straight away. And just who is Gabriel Woolf playing? Is it Sutekh again? In some ways I would rather like that; although it's dangerous to rely on resurrecting too many old characters, I think this one would work, particularly with all the nice CGI available and sans the hand of Mat Irvine.

And one final note: the writing is incredibly old. What other character have we seen who's incredibly old? I'm going be textbook enigmatic about that.
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