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God, the Devil and Bob

It's probably true of TV in general, rather than Who in particular, that ideas appear whose surface is just scratched, and not explored in detail. This is such an example. I thought The Impossible Planet was well-paced, but The Satan Pit was very much action-packed, without too much thought to the storyline. That's not to say it was bad; for the most part it wasn't. OK, the "science" was a bit rubbish throughout, but I can live with that. After last week's quarry (even if they did disguise it as a cave), this week - maintenance shafts! Hoorah!

So I was wrong about the beast being Sutekh, and I was wrong about this having anything to do with the Face of Boe - at least for the time being. I suppose the argument about "before time" is a convenient explanation of why the TARDIS couldn't translate the writing. As for The Beast itself - well, just a little bit Balrog-ish I thought, and perhaps a bit disappointing that it had lost its mind by the time the Doctor found it, which made the dialogue there a bit ... limited.

It will be interesting to see whether the BBC receives many complaints about this story from religious groups; it seems to me that it could be pushing the boundaries a bit when/if it comes to air in the US.

The ending just seemed far too convenient and truncated. The Torchwood reference was gratuitous; the thing about "Rose dying in battle" seems to be sparking all sorts of speculation, which I'm not sure is healthy.I don't think there was enough for another 45 minutes, but the resolution after the Doctor found the TARDIS was so squeezed in.
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