qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

True Crime

After a slight detour, kharin and I went to see Capote at Reading Film Theatre last night. Although it had been on at the multiplexes, it had been scheduled poorly (no doubt because it wasn't expected to draw big audiences) and we missed it; additionally, the multiplexes are getting noticeably more expensive and the audiences less well behaved (or maybe I am just getting older).

It was the antithesis of an action movie, and the better for it, sparsely told and allowed to pace itself. I had only sketchy knowledge of the story, but it was absorbing. Hoffman interwove Capote's various motivations - as an investigative journalist seeking truth, as a money-making schemer, as an arrogant self-appointed genius, as a voyeur, as a lover. The supporting cast is very peripheral, even for a biopic: I suppose that is in keeping with the film's overall style. Contrasted to the fantastic nature of most crime fiction, from Capote's "non-fiction novel" emerges the desparate pointlessness of the real crime.
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