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Chelsea Physic Garden

Thanks to a 2-for-1 offer in the Proms programme, kharin and I took a trip yesterday to the Chelsea Physic Garden. The collection, we learned, is driven not just by medicinal uses, but more generally of plants useful to mankind (generally beyond the straightforward use of wood as a material for shelter or common foodstuffs). So there are sections on plants for dyeing; plants for perfumes; plants for medicines (and poisons, and a number are finely balanced between those two); as well as a historic collection of more-or-less standard botanical garden fare.

The weather wasn't too good: occasionally burningly bright, but more often rather cloudy and sometimes ominously humid, though we remained dry. Among the varied fauna, there were dragonflies on the pond (best not said what they were up to), and we couldn't make up our minds whether some of the guides were the h. sapiens varieties "Maggie Smith" or "Miss Marple". I bought jars of elderflower jelly and pomegranate jelly, both of which had melted by the evening, but are now receiving TLC in my fridge.
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