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Moore's Law - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
Moore's Law
For the non-technorati, Moore's Law is an observation about the rate of progress in computing power: doubling roughly once every 18-24 months.

As a child, we holidayed in the UK, and I didn't have to fly anywhere until I was in my mid 20s. I remember the first time I flew, to Frankfurt: it was the fiftieth anniversary of VE-Day, and instead of enjoying the extra Bank Holiday, I was flying to Germany for work! In those days, check-in was just an hour before departure time, and hand luggage was constrained only by size (and, I presume, rather obvious things like "no guns"). The whole process of going through one check after another to the departure gate seemed like being stripped of one's personality and nationality one layer at a time: ticket, security, passport. It was the first time I had seen armed police anywhere.

So I give you Moore's Law in reverse: as time goes on, you have to wait longer to catch a plane, and suffer more restrictions on which possessions can be kept immediately available. Of course, as others have pointed out, this is preferable to loss of life mid-Atlantic or over a US city, but it still seems that we take air travel rather too much for granted. As Flanders and Swann said: If God had intended us to fly, He would never have given us the railways.
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