qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Christmas is a comin', the Goose is gettin' ...

... er, well, cheaper, if you buy one at Sainsbury's which only has a half-printed barcode on it and they can't be bothered to go and check the price. I told them how much I thought it had been (£18.95) but pointed out it was the only one of that weight I had been able to find in their freezer. So the supervisor said "Is it OK if i put it in as £17 then?". His logic was that they "get done" for over-charging but not for under-charging.

OK, so what to do with it then? uitlander suggests a straightforward roast; I know kharin's Catalan cookery book has a recipe for "Goose with Turnips"; but I fancy one from The Independent a couple of weeks ago which featured lots of red wine and quince.
Tags: food
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